First Week

  • The Olympiad begin for the first time on November 21.


  • Olympiad is the place where you can fight for the title of Hero which will be active during the following calendar week.
  • To take part in the Olympiad your character needs to meet certain requirements. For more info, see Terms of Enrollment.
  • The Olympiad takes place every day from 8 p.m. till 9 p.m. (1 hour) server time (EEST - Eastern European Summer Time).
  • An Olympiad cycle lasts for 1 week.
  • The minimal amount of battles required to get the Hero status is 10 for a cycle.

Terms of Enrollment

Here's the list of requirements to enroll:
  • Main Class.
  • Level 76 and higher.
  • Complete the 3rd Class Transfer.
  • The status of Noblesse.
  • You cannot join the Olympiad while attending an event.


  • You can enroll via NPC Olympiad Manager in the Ancient City Arcan.
  • Olympiad matches are 1 vs 1 battles.
  • The battles are All-Class battles.
  • There are no more than 50 battles per week.


If you have registered for a battle, you will get a warning message before it starts.
After 30 seconds the opponents are teleported to one of three possible stadiums (random).
After teleportation to the stadium you have 1 minute to get ready and to get buffs from Olympiad Host.
When a character is teleported to arena:
  • S-Grade items cannot be used inside the Olympiad.
  • Items that have a higher level of enchantment than +12 for weapons and +8 armors will have the reduced stats of a weapon +12/armor +8.
  • All the buffs and the debuffs cast before are removed and in 5 seconds after teleportation CP, HP and MP are fully restored.
  • Servitors Feline King, Magnus the Unicorn and Spectral Lord are restricted for being in use inside the olympiad.
  • Characters keep their summoned cubics, but not the servitors when teleported to arena.
  • The timer for second usage of the skills (which could be used in less than 15 minutes) is reset.
  • If during the battle one of the opponents leaves the game, the second opponent wins.
  • If during the battle the server is reset, the battle is cancelled, the participants will not lose any points, the battle will not be counted.
  • The chat is unavailable to the participants; the can't get private messages.
Any battle lasts for 5 minutes (it stops when one of the characters is dead). If by the end of the battle both opponents are alive, the winner is the character which has inflicted more damage during the battle.

Battle result

The reward consists of Olympiad points. The points go from the loser to the winner.
The more points a character has, the more points they can lose. Once the battle is over, you can check the damage received by the participants.
You can see the total damage received in the corresponding column in the line related to your character.

Rewards for the Olympiad

There are 2 main rewards in the Olympiad. The first one is the Hero status for one calendar week; the second one is Marks of Battle. Marks of Battle can be obtained in exchange for points. The points are awarded for each victory (once the battle is over) and for character's place in total ranking (when the whole Olympic cycle is over). To get a reward, your character needs to participate in at least 10 battles during the cycle (1 victory is mandatory).

Olympiad points

  • At first enrollment for the Olympiad characters receive 10 points. Then it gets 10 points each seventh day of a month.
  • In each battle a character either receives points or loses them, depending on the result. The points go from the loser to the winner, the amount of points depends on how many points the opponents have at the moment, but not less than 1 and not more than 10.
  • 1/5 of the minimal amount of points for both is transferred (rounded up) but not more than 10 points.

Marks of Battle

  • The character who's got the Hero status, gets additional 200 points (Mark of Battle - 200 pcs.), the Hero Cloak and an option to use 'Hero Weapon.
  • The bonus of 10 points is given to every player for 10 battles and 1 victory (Mark of Battle - 10 pcs.).
  • When the Olympiad is over, each participant gets a place in total ranking depending on how many points they have. All the participants are divided into categories. There's one rating for all classes, so if you're a Hero of your class it doesn't mean you're to be in top 1% of the general ranking.
Amount of Marks of Battle given

Rank Place Amount of Marks of Battle given
1 Top 1% 200 points (Mark of Battle - 200 pcs)
2 Top 10% 100 points (Mark of Battle - 100 pcs)
3 Top 25% 50 points (Mark of Battle - 50 pcs)